Healsio Sharp Water Oven

Sharp introduced one of the newest cooking device in May 2009 in Indonesia, namely Healsio Sharp Water Oven. A glimpse of a Sharp product is similar to the microwave oven, in general, but it turns out Sharp Healsio is an innovative new technology that uses Steam Oven.

Healsio Sharp introduces a new way in the cooking using steam heated to a temperature of 300 degrees Celsius, but with the ability to broil, steam, heat flux and food such as microwave oven, in general, without changing the shape / texture of food.
A more imposing again using the latest technology (break for Wisatanya SEO Sadau) from Sharp is the food that entered akan reduced fat and salt content, maintaining the womb so that vitamins and nutrition from food is not lost, so that the food produced will be more healthy for consumption.

Sharp even claim that these products reduce the degree of fat / cholesterol up to 1 / 8 of a regular fry, cut the number of calories in food for up to 13% and reduce the salinity of up to 1 / 3 of the way conventional cooking.

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